Hunter Legacy // Feature length wildlife documentary
**Footage Sizzle – Trailer and film coming soon

PRODUCTION: Coldstream Creative
DIRECTOR: Hunter Sykes
WRITER: Annette DeNoyer
HOST/GUIDE: Alex Hunter
DP: Tyler Maddox
2ND CAM: Darren Campbell

This is an amazing film that goes back 3 generations exploring the human-wildlife conflict in Africa. We followed the footsteps  of a 1938 hunting expedition  (reportedly the first color film ever shot in Africa) with the grandsons of both the Hunting guide and the Hunter. Ironically the grandson of the original Hunter, is Hunter Sykes, the Director/Producer, and the name of the grandson of the original guide is Alex Hunter, therefore “The Hunter Legacy”.

We shot this for the better part of May in 2018, during historic green levels throughout Kenya. We camped at several conservatories, stayed with locals, and got unprecedented access to this amazing country. Even filming the last 2 remaining Northern White Rhinos. I am most at home in these types of remote, rugged and vibrant places, so this was a dream trip for me!

These two videos are just the sizzles of some of the footage we shot. The trailer and full film will hopefully be out soon, and I’ll update when they are.

BTS and Instagram photos from the shoot