• Director of Photography Tyler Maddox shooting steadicam out the back of a car.

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About me

Part creative. Part technical. Creatnical? Technitive? Sure, why not. My job requires a healthy dose of both and I’m split right down the middle. I’ve been known to roll up my sleeves and build a 7 axis motion controlled robotic camera, carry 80lbs of camera gear up snowy mountains, and ride motorcycles through 500 miles of Mexican wilderness just to get the right shot. Adventure? Early mornings? Collaboration? The impossible shot? Long days? Yes, please. I love it all.

High energy. Positive. Friendly. Handy. Creative. Chicken legs. Yup, those things have been used to describe me and I’ll claim all of them.

Steadicam. Gimbals. Motion control. Timelapse. Drones. Lights. Big Cameras and iPhones. I’m well versed and own them all. I often find myself skipping back and forth between all those things on set.

People often ask me why I’m always smiling. My job has been creating images my entire adult life and it feels like I’ve never had to work a day.  I live it, breath it, and dream it. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing.

Wanna know more?  Follow my Instagram @tydox or check out this fun Budweiser commercial I somehow found myself in.