• Director of Photography Tyler Maddox shooting steadicam out the back of a car.

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About me

Part creative. Part technical. Creatnical? Technitive? Sure, why not. My job requires a healthy dose of both and I’m split right down the middle. I’ve been known to roll up my sleeves and build a 7 axis motion controlled robotic camera, carry 80lbs of camera gear up snowy mountains, and ride motorcycles through 500 miles of Mexican wilderness just to get the right shot. Adventure? Early mornings? Collaboration? The impossible shot? Long days? Yes, please. I love it all.

High energy. Positive. Friendly. Handy. Creative. Chicken legs. Yup, those things have been used to describe me and I’ll claim all of them.

Steadicam. Gimbals. Motion control. Timelapse. Drones. Lights. Big Cameras and iPhones. I’m well versed and own them all. I often find myself skipping back and forth between all those things on set.

People often ask me why I’m always smiling. My job has been creating images my entire adult life and it feels like I’ve never had to work a day.  I live it, breath it, and dream it. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing.

Wanna know more?  Follow my Instagram @tydox or check out this fun Budweiser commercial I somehow found myself in.


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  • by tydox 2 months ago
    This time last year was on one of my favorite shoots of all time! I recently got my hands on
  • by tydox 3 months ago
    Saw this in the  @harryanddavid  Orchard today!
  • by tydox 7 months ago
    The Rum and Cigar diet of Cuba takes a toll on a feller.
  • by tydox 4 months ago
    Back home from a couple weeks shooting some hunts with  @themostwantedlist  crew. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is
  • by tydox 7 months ago
    A couple weeks back I was driving home early in the morning and stumbled on this fella. To this point,
  • by tydox 6 months ago
    Haley’s just a little excited to go on vacation...
  • by tydox 9 months ago
    We may not have a ski boat, but we’ve got a pond, a farm truck, a sheet of plywood and
  • by tydox 10 months ago
    Big cameras make me feel validated and a facial grimace helps say “This is really hard, you probably couldn’t do
  • by tydox 5 months ago
    Someday I hope to look in the mirror and see this guy staring back at me..... YES, those are sacks
  • by tydox 9 months ago
    A couple weeks ago I had a sliver of a window to get down to Shasta for a solo ski.
  • by tydox 1 week ago
    Another beautiful night under the stars last night. We’re still waiting for someone to turn the faucet back on, but
  • by tydox 10 months ago
    Had a hot date last night for the Daddy-Daughter dance!
  • by tydox 2 months ago
    Just a couple of kids still playing in the playground. Our first date, around 23 years ago was a hike.
  • by tydox 3 months ago
    Winner! The Hunter Legacy premiered last week at the Mediterranean Film Festival in Cannes, France and won best Documentary film!
  • by tydox 4 months ago
    My friends and collaborators  @el_dreaski ,  @canepari_til_i_die , and  @moonrider96  made this incredible short doc for Netflix on last years Camp Fire
  • by tydox 5 months ago
    Sunrise this morning with my daughter Birkley. We slept under the stars and searched for Elk in the gentle rain
  • by tydox 7 months ago
    Took a much needed break from work and the remodel to get a reset from nature and it did not
  • by tydox 3 months ago
    Moonrise over the Dolomites. Haley and I were just setting up a selfie when the full moon popped up in
  • by tydox 2 months ago
    Fantastic day to close out the decade! Started with an epic ski line, then sledding with great friends, followed by